Twelve Tradition Class

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There was a plan for a series of "self paced teaching disks" from Sponsor Magazine. But here were problems. This is one "class" from that series.

The first disk was to have been on Sponsorship and evolved into the third podcast, "SPONSOR MAGAZINE PODCAST". There may still be a disk produced for the topic, but the speakers we wanted to feature are all used in the podcast.

A Step study disk is downloadable as a folder for your hard disk which contains what would have been the second self-teaching disk, available at

While putting together the Step Study disk we also found several talks on Traditions which could be of benefit tot he 12-Step explorer.

That would be this site. Maybe later it will be expanded to be a self teaching disk, but at the moment it seems right to simply make the information available.

Click and Learn

Treat this page exactly as you would treat a web page. Click on the links to go to the file. The files should play in your browser, assuming you have the ability to play MP3 files. You can also download the individual talks to load into your computer (play in iTunes, WinAmp or similar player) or MP3 player (Like iPod, Zune, etc.), or you can burn them to a CD-R for use in a regular CD player. That's where the 'geek' comes in - you need to be some kind of geek to know how to burn files or add them to your MP3 player.

Your comments are invited. Use the "Contact" tab above.

The Talks

Bill Wilson on the Traditions. Second half sound is slightly muffled. This was apparently the sound track for a film by Bill in the AA office (:)

Bill Wilson - Singleness of Purpose - 1957, Location and not given (7:25)

Clancy I How Traditions Developed, 2005 Location not given (35:41)

Clancy I. Singleness of Purpose (Tradition 3), Date and Location not given (47:56)

DavidT - Singleness of Purpose, recorded 5-14-2004, Location not given (54:46)

Dave P and Polly P of Birch Bay, WA in Copenhagen, Denmark - April 17th 2004
  • Talk 1 - Forward and Tradition 1 (1:16:23)
  • Talk 2 - Traditions 2, 4, 5, and 6 (1:19:47)
  • Talk 3 - Traditions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12  (1:04:15)
  • Talk 4 - Service (20:24)
Earl H Rule 62 - 2001 Round-Up, 2003. (1:02:56)

Geoff C - Valley Village, CA, Third Tradition Speakers Studio City, CA - Nov. 14, 2007 (40:04)

Jay S - Third Tradition Meeting, 2001, Location not given. (44:33)

Joe McQ - of Tulsa, OK, 19th Joplin Winter Holiday, Joplin, MO Dec 10, 1999 (56:59)

Johnnie H
- 12 traditions in Richmond, VA - January 6, 1996 (51:43)

Mark C - Third Tradition, South Carolina, 2005 (35:07)

Samantha M - Third Tradition, 2005. (33:54)

Sybil C - Twelve Traditions, 1980, Location not given. (45:38)

Tim W - Santa Barbara, CA at the 3rd Tradition Speaker in Studio City, CA - May 1, 2005 (39:24)

Trent D & Alf J  - Traditions at Dartmouth, 2005 (24:05)