We are dealing with electronic media. Web pages. PDFs. Graphics. MP3 files. Maybe we can add video one day.

But we had hoped to provide a series of disks for people to download and mount on their own system. We did some experiments but the project has not taken off. Yet.

Down load the file. You may need to do a search on Google or a similar search engine to get a free program to mount it on your system, but .ISO disks can be mounted like another hard disk. And then you can copy the files from the disk image onto your hard disk (the best way to use the files). You can also load the files into your MP3 player or smart phone. Or you can burn the MP3 to a regular audio disk for 60-90 minutes of speaker from a regular sound CD.

Right-Click (Windows) or Option-Click (OSX) to download the full image.

SPEAKERS DISK - The First Experimental Disk. Just a BUNCH of speakers. 675Megs

SPONSORS DISK - A disk that led to the production of the Sponsor Podcast. 704Megs

STEPS GROUPED - Speakers using combinations of steps to carry their message. 432Megs

TRADITIONS - (.ZIP file) Speakers talking about the Twelve Traditions. This was a different experiment. This is a .ZIP file that contains a web page and resource files. A free unZip utility can be found through Google or other search engines. Download, then unzip the file to get a folder containing the web page. You can double click on the 'index.html' document and it should open your browser to run. We did a little subset of the idea for you to try onlin. Click here for the sample page. 157Megs

Cut, paste and proofread over and over.


Facebook LinkThere is always more. These are not the perfect lists. There are a list of websites, books (download as PDFs), disk images...