New 2nd Edition CoverThe Latest: Recovery Reader 2nd Edition

[Updated 4/16/2016 - Version 2b]

In 2011 we released the first version of a RECOVERY READER, an anthology of individual writings on 12 Step Recovery. Good intentions, but poor editing. In 2012 we started working on the second edition. A very good copy editor came on board. A couple of articles were dropped, several articles were added, the comic strip was removed (and may become part of a separate project - we'll see) and it was reorganized.

It is a free download, whole and in sections, and will be offered as a print-on-demand, but you can download it, share the file, print the pages you want to give away... Get your free copy now!

NOTE: All of this material is available for free. Download, Share, Print-out as you like. Do not charge, do not hide how you received it, and do not make changes in it. Print-0n-Demand available for those who prefer a printed book.

link to simple directions

Simple Directions

SIMPLE DIRECTIONS is a set of instructions for completing an AA "Fourth Step Inventory" using a simple 3 ring binder with information drawn from several sources. It includes Dr. Bob's review of the first three Steps and notes on effective Fifth, Six and Seventh Steps. It is designed for use by a sponsor with one person doing their first inventory, but can be useful for people who feel the need to revisit their Inventory after a period of sobriety.

Although it is now incorporated in RECOVERY READER SECOND EDITION, was featured in the closing episodes of THE SPONSOR PODCAST (two different presentations), and in THE WORK, the instructions for the inventory process developed over the years has become a requested item. The separate document SIMPLE DIRECTIONS is available for free download in US Letter sized PDF file. This guide is no longer available through Print on Demand.

A Brief History of the Sponsor Magazine Project

We Started with Anonymous Review Podcast

AR Podcast
            SealThe first idea was a podcast. We called it ANONYMOUS REVIEW. The podcast was to be about AA history. The name was to be about 12-Step Program, anonymity - it sounded right. But no. That didn't work. The scientific and academic communities have really got a lock on that name, so - no. But the podcast was under way before we knew the not going to work as a name. Here is the page for the AA History podcast.

Sponsor SEvolving to Sponsor Magazine

This was the big idea and we have stayed with it. There were three issues and you can get them all in one PDF. Here is the page for Sponsor Magazine.

VSMThen Virtual Speaker Meeting Podcast

You're away from your usual support group - you're on a trip; you're in the hospital; your doing time for some terrible felony - and you need to hear some Experience, Strength and Hope. Here is the page for Virtual Speaker Meeting.

SponsorThen the Sponsor Podcast

Another podcast, this one devoted to sponsoring and being sponsored. These are men and women around the country to give you the tips you need and have the experience to back it up. Go to the Sponsor Podcast page.

Speaker in a BoxMaybe Speaker In A Box

Years ago a local mental health hospital had a regular meeting for patients based on cassettes of AA speakers for the group to hear and discuss. Virtual Speaker Meeting was the same kind of thing, but without the mental hospital. Here are the details.

Serious about The Work

The most distressing part of living in a Recovery oriented community is Relapse. People say "Relapse is a normal part of Recovery". No. It's not. Relapse is a fact, but Relapse is the part where people die. Relapse is no more a part of Recovery than Pregnancy is part of Abstinence. We looked at AA history to come up with a way to do "The Work" by diving into the Steps. This is the page for THE WORK. This project is currently being revised to focus on 1-2-1. This "one to one" through the Steps for a Sponsor and a Sponsee. First time or 'going through the Steps again'. Check back for news.


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